in their own words - student testimonials 

simon (adult learner), sydenham 

"I have been learning with Lisa for more than three years.  She is knowledgeable and patient, which means that when I make a mistake or the clarinet is misbehaving, she is able to explain why it is me all along and what I need to do to make it right.  My technique has improved significantly as a result of her teaching.  All in all, my tone is better, my appreciation of music has improved and the quality of my playing is better."

andrea (adult beginner), worthing

"I decided to learn to play the clarinet during the 1st lockdown in 2020, my only previous experience being the recorder 40+ years ago. Having spent a few weeks trying to teach myself I felt I needed professional help and thankfully came across Lisa. All my lessons have been online which has worked very well and I’ve surprised myself with the progress I’ve made both in playing and reading music. Lisa is extremely patient and will often come up with alternative ways of approaching something I might be struggling with. Lisa is a pleasure to work with and I really look forward to our weekly lessons."

sam (young clarinet student, aged 13), herne hill

“As somebody who is being taught by teachers almost every day, I have found Lisa to be a warm and encouraging teacher, excellent on every level, for students of any skill. I’m currently taking my Grade 3, and I could not have found a better teacher to lead me through my exam. One of the, if not the, best teachers I’ve ever had.”
Update: Sam passed his Grade 3 with flying colours with a very strong merit and went on to pass his remotely-assessed Performance Grade 4 during the pandemic. Congratulations Sam and well done on all your hard work!

anne (adult returner), thornton heath

"I have been having music lessons with Lisa for two and a half years learning to play alto sax and read music. I was quite nervous at first as had not played for years and had forgotten so much. But Lisa made me feel very comfortable and I like her patient, reassuring manner. I really enjoy my lessons and can honestly say that I have never made such good, solid progress before. I even had the confidence to go for my Grade 3 exam and proudly passed with merit, and also joined an amateur orchestra. Lisa doesn’t only teach you she teaches you properly. I have learnt so much and love her passion for music. Lisa is very knowledgeable and also an excellent teacher who is able to pass on her knowledge. She is very thorough, and creative in helping you to understand when you get stuck on something. I feel very fortunate to have found Lisa and cannot recommend her highly enough."

Update: After her excellent Grade 3 saxophone result, Anne is now working hard towards her Grade 5

janine (parent of young student), dulwich

“Lisa has taught my son the clarinet for a year and a half now, taking him through ABRSM Grades 2, 3 and 4, all of which he passed with distinction. She is an excellent teacher – thorough, thoughtful and conscientious, as well as warm and fun. She communicates well with us too. My son loves his lessons with her and has come on enormously. I would highly recommend her.”

javi (Adult Beginner), sydenham

“Lisa has changed my life. As a complete novice to saxophone and not having played music for decades, I was a bit scared of learning how to play a new instrument but Lisa was so positive and encouraging my fears were soon quashed. I love our lessons, she is very thoughtful and knows exactly the challenges I go through as I learn, and more importantly, how to overcome them! I love how she talks about music, she is the perfect mix of passion and expertise. I wish my previous music teachers had been as positive and patient as her!”

jim (Adult beginner), beckenham

“I took up the clarinet when I retired three years ago. Initially I was just interested in learning to play for its own sake, so lessons with my first tutor were pretty unstructured and free-wheeling. After a while, though,  I found the lack of structure unsatisfying and I decided I needed the discipline of grades. That’s when I found Lisa who has transformed my both my playing and my motivation. She is an excellent teacher – patient, full of experience and thorough. I’m studying for my Grade 3 currently and have high hopes of great things! I would highly recommend Lisa as a clarinet tutor.”

Update: Since this review was submitted, Jim has passed his Grades 3 and 4, and is now working towards his Grade 5. Well done, Jim!


judy (Adult beginner), sydenham 

“I have been having lessons with Lisa for a few months. I started from the very beginning, having never held a clarinet before. Lisa is an excellent teacher. She is warm, patient, and sensitive to my need for someone who can help me with my lack of music reading skills. I enjoy lessons with Lisa, and I am happy to have progressed in my playing. Lisa is encouraging, and this has helped me to stay motivated. I look forward to continuing my lessons with her.”

david (adult returner), bromley

“I am a mature clarinet student who returned to the instrument to play in a small chamber ensemble. My playing level had never been high and so I have been having lessons, both to improve my own playing skills and to become a better group player. My progress in all aspects of clarinet proficiency has been considerably enhanced by studying with Lisa and having regular lessons. Her teaching ability and knowledge of the instrument, together with her musical sensitivity, have much enhanced my playing, both in solo and group participation. I can highly recommend her as a teacher for all ages, and playing skill levels.”

rhian (parent of beginning saxophone student), bromley

“My son really enjoys his saxophone lessons with Lisa. She is warm, fun and enthusiastic, and he is making good progress. Lisa understands very well indeed how to engage with young people and get the most out of them. I am sure that this is the start of a long lasting relationship!”


beth (parent of young clarinet student), forest hill

"Lisa is thoughtful, kind and goes out of her way to help my daughter make the most of her lessons. She delivers consistent lesson plans and is always willing to support. My daughter is quite shy and she finds opening up (particularly to adults) very difficult. Lisa is the first teacher that my daughter has really enjoyed learning with!"

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